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Cooling,massage 2-in-1 car cushion

With high-tech massage machines and eight strong wind blowers inside,V+cooling&massage car cushion brings coolness and comfortable massage to users in quiet.

Automatic car umbrella

With 3.5m and 4.6m  two sizes,V+ automatic car umbrella is suitable for all car models.Easily installed within 30 seconds,our automatic car umbrella can protect your beloved car  from strong sunlight,birdshit,fallen leaves and even things thrown from high building.

Automatic car cover

Different from traditional car cover installing and collecting in a long time,V+ automatic car cover can be installed within 30 seconds and collected within 10 seconds. By using our car cover,you can extremely lower your car carriage temperature and protect your dear car from strong sunlight,birdshit and any dust,extending your car working life.

Cooling,massage 2-in-1 car cushion

We bring coolness to you even in a extremely hot weather and keep your body free from hot wave of car seat.

You can enjoy massage service anytime,anyplace when you are driving,waiting for your friends or even  waiting in traffic jam.

Automatic car umbrella

Install and collect within 30 seconds,you can maximumly lower down your car temperature and keep your car away from birdshit,fallen leaves and any heavy thing thrown from high building.

Automatic car cover(Half)

If you are bored of the hot waves gushing to your face when you open your car door,our half car cover will be your first choice.

V+ automatic half car cover machine uses latest silver sunproof cloth as car cover material which can reflect over 30% heat and maximumly lower down interior car temperature.

Only 4kg,V+ automatic half car cover can be used conveniently,no matter for male or female,young or old.

Automatic car cover(Whole)

If you are bored of seeing birdshit,fallen leaves and dust on your car when you leave your home,our whole car cover can solve these vexed problem for you.

V+ automatic whole car cover machine uses latest waterproof cloth which is easy to clean and wash.With a big solar energy panel inside,you don’t need to worry about the electric volume and can just keep it working all the time.

Only 4kg,V+ automatic half car cover can be used conveniently,no matter for male or female,young or old.


Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

Oh my god,the car cushion is really beyond my expectation.When I turn it on,I can feel my back cool  shortly.Now I use the massage function everyday when going work and home.Damn good!

Lisa Neo

It is an awesome invention for people who have to park their car along the road.After using the car umbrella,I don’t worry about the ugly birdshit and go wash my car frequently.Just a few seconds then can leave it on the top of my car for a whole night.And I can feel cool the next day when I enter my car.Excellent!


A ‘like’ to the half car cover.I always park my car in open car park at lunch time and find it super hot when I come back.The half car cover is easy to use and does reduce the car temperature.Now I don’t need to rush in lunch time.Thanks V+




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